Jess Gallagher Summer & Winter Paralympic Medallist

GC2018 Commonwealth Games 1 Year To Go


Jess named GC2018 Sport Ambassador For Cycling!


Can you believe it?! We are officially under ONE YEAR until the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast or as you will see around the news, GC2018. It's such an exciting time, I cannot believe that I will finally have the opportunity to compete on home soil at a major championship giving all of my friends and family the chance to see me in action!

The 1YTG celebration also coincided with another special announcement. I have been chosen as a GC2018 sport ambassador for Cycling! I was completely blown away to be asked by Cycling Australia and GOLDOC to fulfil this role and help spread the love for my sport!

My first official sport ambassador duty was to head up to the Goldie to help celebrate not only the 1 year to go mark but also the release of the official competition schedule along with the official ticketing guide!

The countdown is now on with spectators being able to start planning their experience by viewing the Official GC2018 Ticketing Guide which is available online at

There’s no need to fret just yet, the ticketing phase doesn’t open until April 24 so there’s still PLENTY of time to get your head around the largest event schedule in Commonwealth Games history, boasting the largest medal event program and the most number of sessions comprising 18 sports and 7 Para sports. That’s over 6,600 athletes!

The excitement is building and I can’t wait to share the next 12 months with everyone!


(Borobi rocking the aero helemt on his bike ride!)

(Atttending the Early Risers 1YTG breakfast!)

(Behind the scenes shooting some footage... stay tuned!)