Jess Gallagher Summer & Winter Paralympic Medallist

Fierce Females Making Industry Inroads



The Collective x H&M present #ladylike

These woman say, "Yes, we can".


Jess Gallagher, athlete
The first Australian to win a medal at both the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games, Jessica has represented Australia in alpine skiing, athletics and track cycling – all with a rare eye disease, cone dystrophy, that has caused her significant vision loss.


What does ‘ladylike’ mean to you?
To me, ‘ladylike’ means treating others with respect, dignity and kindness. Displaying trust, honesty and authenticity, and remaining true to who you are. It’s a wonderful feeling when people show genuine mutual respect and support to one another.



What fires you up the most?
I’m fired up by the positive change, momentum and understanding that is occurring. I’m an optimist, it excites me to see how [gender equality] is being embraced by all of society – for example, the recent introduction of women’s AFL. Yes, there is still work to be achieved, but we are on the right path and we are all playing our individual part to reach these collective goals. I would hope that gender equality would never take precedence over general equality for all.


What do you want women to know?
Every one of us has the ability to make our world a better place. I want women to know the time is now, and to strive for what you are passionate about and believe in. The future is powerful and bright, and I would love to see the experience of women, and their pursuit of equality, being used in a broader world of equality and have women lead this charge.


Photography Dan Knott; hair and make-up Sylwia Lukosz; H&M blouse AU$34.99, H&M pants AU$39.99, H&M jeans, $59.99.



Originally published by 'The Collective': Magazine March 2017 edition, Online March 23, 2017: