Jess Gallagher Summer & Winter Paralympic Medallist

Have You Been Paying Attention?


Have You Been Paying Attention?

It was an incredibly exciting moment when I opened up my email to find an invitation to join Channel 10's Have YouBeen Paying Attention? as a guest quizmaster! It's one of my favourite shows and keeps me up well beyond my bedtime on a Monday night given my alarm goes off at 5am for gym! So you can imagine my excitement as I turned up to the Channel 10 studios and walked onto the set!

I was a little nervous at reading the quiz cards but the lovely producer's had thoguht ahead and created special quiz cards with extra large font so that I wouldn't have to put the cards right up against my face like I normally would when trying to read small print

All in all I had an absolute blast with the guys and feel I got off pretty lightly when it came to cheekiness from everyone on the buzzers! A big thanks to the whole HYBPA? crew who made it such a fun evening... if you ever need a fill in give me a call! :)

If you missed the show you can watch my segment BELOW or the full episode on Ten Play here...